About 5MillionTron

Anyone Can Become a Tron Millionaire!!

With 5MillionTron you can turn a mere 100TRX Into 5,000,000 TRX Over and Over Again !! This is a powerful 12 Stage Fast Moving 100% Passive TRON Crowdfunding Opportunity designed to empower members with a never ending payment of Tron.

When you become a member you purchase positions from any of the available Tron Phases. Then your purchased positions will be placed at the buttom of the Tron-income ladder. As more slots are purchased on the ladder by existing or new members, they tend to push up your position to higher position on the Tron-Income ladder. once your position gets to the top of the ladder, it cycles and pay you back 300% on your invested amount. But there is more ... !

The cycling NEVER STOPS! Once your TRX position earns 300% , you will receive 100% in your wallet and 200% automatically buy you a new position in the next phase until the last phase where you will receive Trx 1,000,000 and you will get a new slot again on the last phase. This will keep paying you a Million Tron each time you cycle that phase. The cycling NEVER STOPS!

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The Automated 5MillionTron 12 Straight Line Cycler Chart

Join the 5MillionTron Revolution!
Earn Over A Million Tron Over and Over Again Starting with A Mere 100TRX TRON.

Our Wealth Creation Compensation Plan

100 TRX =  $6.50
Cycler  Ticket Price Total Reward  To Next Cycler To Wallet Sponsor Incentive Ad Credits
1 100 TRX 300 TRX 200 TRX 100.TRX 10 TRX 600 Ad Credits
2 200 TRX 600 TRX 400 TRX 200.TRX 20 TRX 1200 Ad Credits
3 400 TRX 1,200 TRX 800 TRX 400.TRX 40 TRX 2400 Ad Credits
4 800 TRX 2,400 TRX 1500 TRX 600.TRX 80 TRX 4800 Ad Credits
3 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
5 1,500 TRX 4,500 TRX 3,000 TRX 1,200 TRX 150 TRX 9,600 Ad Credits
6 3,000 TRX 9,000 TRX 5,000 TRX 3,000 TRX 300 TRX 19,600 Ad Credits
3 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
7 5,000 TRX 15,000 TRX 10,000 TRX 4,000 TRX 500 TRX 20,000 Ad Credits
10 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
8 30,000 TRX 90,000 TRX 60,000 TRX 30,000 TRX 3,000 TRX 40,000 Ad Credits
100 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
9 60,000 TRX 180,000 TRX 100,000 TRX 70,0000 TRX 6,000 TRX 80,000 Ad Credits
200 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
10 100,000 TRX 300,000 TRX 200,000 TRX 90,000 TRX 10,000 TRX 150,000 Ad Credits
300 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
11 200,000 TRX 600,000 TRX 400,000 TRX 200,000 TRX 20,000 TRX 300,000 Ad Credits
500 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
12 400,000 TRX 1,200,000 TRX NIL 1,000,000 TRX 40,000 TRX 600,000 Ad Credits
500 100TRX tickets in your name back to Cycler one
Total Sponsor's Ref Earnings: Over 100,000 TRX Per Position
Total Potential Earnings Per Position Over 1,000,000.00 TRX
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How The Cycling Works


  • No sponsoring required to earn. You can Earn without referring anyone.
  • There is a 30% Re-Purchase Policy. Meaning, 30% of your Cycler position earnings goes to your purchase wallet that you can only use to make repurchase of positions that will earn you even more money. THE CYCLING NEVER STOPS !!
  • You dont have to wait weeks to get paid. Minimum Withdrawal is set at $5.00 and you can withdraw once you have an account balance of $5.00 worth of Tron.
  • Members Must start with purchasing the initial 100 TRX ($6.5) cycler positions before they are elegible to purchase higher cycler positions.
  • Purchase just 5 Positions and be elegible to Earn over 1,000,00.00 TRX.
  • Purchase Maximum 5 Positions every 5 Minutes.
  • Please note that their is an additional $1.00 fees on every position purchase to cover fees associated with crypto currency transactions.
  • We absolutely cannot guarantee how long it will take any cycler position to cycle and earn 300% . As additional positions are bought, the older positions will surely cycle. It could take a few days, weeks, months , 6 months or even a year for positions to cycle and earn you a massive 800% rewards.
Worldwide Clients

100% Passive

Absolutely Passive Income Opportunity

5MillionTron is an absolutely passive Tron Earning program where you can Turn a Mere 100 TRX into Over a 5,000,000 TRX NOT JUST once but over and over again. And you do not have to refer anyone to earn. But if you decide to refer, you can make whole lot of money from your referral purchases of Tron slots 3 levels deep. You will earn 5% on your direct referrals purchases and repurchases of Tron slots. 3% on level 2 and 2% on all purchases and repurchases of slot positions.

  • Referrals Not Required To Earn

    You are not mandated to refer anyone to earn here.

  • Earn Extra Income To Refer

    Earn 10% direct Referral Bonus